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Harlyn, Sara S, Monique & Sara A meeting for filming of Conversations Over Coffee.

MOOOORRREEEE WINNNNE!!! It’s been quiet here on the home page of RaeOvSun but behind the scenes it’s been anything but! Three of my friends (The Saras & Monique) have been coming together once a month under our Conversations Over Coffee book club to discuss our monthly reads around a table of appetizers and coffee — coffee mugs that is because of course, there is wine! Filming and editing has been conducted by Monique and JP‘s (our man behind the camera) uber talented daughter Alexis. We are super excited for the end product and to soon post these videos up for you. They will be posted here on the site but, for all of you YouTubers hit subscribe and follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat under the handle of RaeOvSun. I’m consistent 🙂 For those that have been reading along with us from month to month our read for November is The Other Side of Everything by Lauren Doyle Owens.

A little bit more. All ye authors that have submitted your books for review: I’ve slowed down on posting because my work life has been on overdrive with traveling, hosting audits, so on and so forth, but I am still working through the MIGHTY list. I appreciate your patience and your continued interest in having your work reviewed by myself and my friends when they are available. As an author myself I completely understand the need for reviews. I crave them myself! I’ll be posting a new review VERY soon so as always, stay tuned! I read a few of your comments and I really appreciate that so many of you value my opinion and enjoy stopping by the site to see what I am reading and to expand your horizons into genres you may not have ventured into before.


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