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At the time that I had finally gotten to visit Rosella At The Rand I had plotted out a mission to have just one day a week off where I didn’t have to be a Quality Manager and I didn’t have to be a mom. At least not for the entire day that is! Fridays were my days and on one particularly glorious day I had convinced Sara, clearly my partner in crime here, to do the same.

After dropping the kiddos off at school we ventured downtown to check out the ever elusive Rosella. Elusive because I hadn’t gotten to go before. Not because it was some secret society of secret coffee drinkers *winks*. Equipped with my red leather briefcase concealing my magical MacBook I was prepared for a morning of writing my upcoming novel Adenium and though she didn’t want to, lol, Sara came with her own to do her homework. That’s what happens when you decide you want to get your masters, Daria! HAHAHA!

Parking downtown sucks but if you are visiting Rosella @ The Rand this is not a concern. They have validated parking in the parking garage at The Rand so when you visit make sure you let one of the employees know so that can be squared away before you leave. You’ll get 3 hours free! Can’t be beat!

My breakfast sandwich and latte were exquisite and for those monitoring their intake there were a lot of healthy choices on the menu. While there, I discovered that Rosella was more than just a cafe. From the looks of things it was also a nice little bar where one could transition from daytime to nightlife seamlessly. A quaint nook on the right side of the establishment house games for patrons to play and, lucky that Sara and I arrived early, it seemed to never lack guests. We plugged into an outlet near our table and began our work. It didn’t last long – the work – but at least we tried!

Rosella @ The Rand is a great location but go early if you don’t want to wait in line! They moved it along pretty quickly, don’t get me wrong, but if you like to be the only one as much as I do you probably want to slide in and carve out your own little niche in the background. There are two other locations – Rosella Coffee and Rosella @ The Garden. I honestly would like to visit both because each location appears to have a very distinct ambiance about it so though I am sure the menu is the same I bet the atmosphere is what will make you choose your favorite location. Something is telling me I may fall dangerously in love with Rosella Coffee. It’s got that industrial vibe I’ve begun to obsess over.

Don’t you love that little foam heart in my latte? That always makes me smile!

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