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Cellar Mixology is one of my favorite places in San Antonio. I’ve deemed it my hidey-hole and it is my meeting spot when going out downtown on the weekends. Their drinks are original and strong so once I’ve had my drinks there (sorry other bars in the area!) I may not drink anywhere else! This place kicks off the debauchery in the right way and everything that happens from there forward is a direct result!

Set the Mood Why Don’t You…? This bar is hidden which automatically makes it cool. You’ll arrive at Toro Kitchen + Bar and once entering the restaurant’s lobby you’ll look for the red phone hanging on the white brick wall. Answer the phone…I’m just kidding, push the wall and it gives way to a hidden stairway leading you down, down, down into the darkness of the cellar.

Entrance to Cellar Mixology

Welcome to Cellar Mixology.

If you’re into shots then prepare to have your life changed. Their shots are served in the form of spherifications and there are currently three different flavors to try. I can remember two, watermelon and cucumber…okay maybe I can’t but they’re good and that’s all you need to know! These tiny little solids liquify upon contact so once in your mouth POP there’s your shot sliding down your throat! Caution: If you’re trying to cart these to your table on your own like I did on my first visit you may arrive and realize two of your three shots have slidden off of your plate and burst on the floor. Watch yourself! Just drink it at the bar with your crew!

Spherifications @CellarMixology

This is an intimate space though I will forever and always hang out there with friends. It would be perfect for a date if you want to sit under red lights and stare dreamily into one another’s eyes before necking in the back. Yes, I said necking. Childish. HA! There’s just something about the tone there that is sultry and will definitely make you want to slide in close with your partner. Just make sure your shoes are appropriate in the case that you’re one of those who get a little unbalanced after a few drinks. Remember, you walked down stairs to get there so you’ll have to walk UP stairs to get out.

My favorite mixed drink at Cellar Mixology is Down The Rabbit Hole. See that plug-in from the title? For me, it’s the smoothest drink on the menu that I’ve tried personally and is just the right amount of sweet. Nothing more alluring than being given a glass with a corked vial that says POUR ME. Pour you I shall! I’ve had two and then turned around to my friends and been like, whoa, where did that come from? I’m tipsy! Yay! They also have a drink on the menu which is set aflame. Try it! It’s just as much fun to watch the mixologists make these crazy drinks as it is to drink them.

POUR ME…is that a CHALLENGE? Diving down the rabbit hole @ Cellar Mixology in Downtown San Antonio.

Cellar Mixology is a jewel. I would love it if the deejay came a bit earlier in the night just because this is where I start and not where I finish. I can’t really speak to what it sounds like as the night progresses for this reason but the dark sultry vibe of it all is genius. You feel like you’re getting into something naughty – even if you’re not.

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