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Keepers of the Forest marks my second review for author James McNally and the second time that I have not been disappointed in what has been presented to me. McNally has opened up my eyes to a possible backdrop happening in our world that is unsettling in both its simplicity and diabolical nature. His tales are intricate fantasies that happen to such ordinary people and that is what makes his work so real. Check out the official synopsis for this novel below and click the book cover to read my review of Keepers of the Forest now.

Keepers of the Forest by James McNally

A violent cult has invaded the Adirondack Forest, and 11 year old Chris has become the target of their affection. It will be a summer of terror, because they believe Chris is the key to opening the door to a new world order. And they will stop at nothing to bring their plans to fruition.


  • james mcnally

    Thank you, Harlyn. Your words humble me. What you are saying is what I’m trying to portray in my books exactly: ordinary people caught up in supernatural situations that they do not understand. You clearly see what i am trying to do.

    May 26, 2019
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