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I’ve never really understood the purpose of guilting people especially not when whatever you are trying to hold over their head is a direct result of something that you’ve done. I do not and will not feel bad for cutting you off from my heart or from my pocket book when you have wronged me. If you want or need something then realize that you are a very capable human being and you can work for what it is that you need. You do not need me to supply you.

Co-dependency is not an endearing conjunction nor is enabling a kind word. I do not want to be part of either. I don’t want to need someone to need me. It is both disappointing and hurtful to try to make someone feel like you are in a situation because they put you there when the reality is that you walked yourself to your current location. Your disregard for my feelings and my situation is what led you here. I don’t have to pay your way back into greatness. You are not entitled to the perks that in the past have come along with being partnered with me.

We are not partners.

We are exes.

We share children.

Not financial status.

We share history with an undetermined future.

I love you but I am not sure if you love me too.

You are in the stage of proving yourself and your intentions. Not of collecting. Not of making demands. Not of “I owe you’s” when you owe me.

This is a delicate situation. Throwing out jabs to display your discontent does not get you anywhere. I am fully aware of what position you are in but I am not altogether sure that YOU are.

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