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Our Approach to Well-being

RaeOvSun began in 2015 when Certified Life Coach, Nikki Harlan, driven by her passion for holistic well-being, established the practice to offer guidance and support to individuals seeking a holistic approach to personal and professional growth. The practice was rejuvenated in 2024, when Nikki completed Reiki Master certification, adding energy healing as an additional option for clients, further solidifying RaeOvSun’s commitment to inspiring transformation.

RaeOvSun has served a diverse range of clients seeking holistic wellness and self-discovery, including individuals looking to enhance their personal growth journeys, couples seeking to bring harmony into their relationships, hopeful singles and professionals seeking a balanced approach to success. Nikki Harlan’s compassionate guidance has made RaeOvSun a trusted choice for those ready to embark on a journey of growth.

Unique Wellness Experience

Discover the distinctive benefits of choosing RaeOvSun

Personalized Guidance

Tailored coaching and healing sessions for individual growth

Mind-Body Connection

Harness the power of holistic well-being through integrated practices

Transformational Journey

Experience a profound shift towards self-discovery and empowerment

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