Nakia (nu-Key-Uh) // Harlyn Bryan

Hey! My name is Nakia however in the literary world I am known by the pseudonym Harlyn Bryan. I am the author of the fiction novels Wildfire (a dramatic romance) and Wounded (an urban drama) both of which are available online via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and any of your other favorite retailers. Outside of writing I am a certified life coach and mother of three beautiful kiddos with my best friend – he’s a lucky guy! – stationed in the wonderful state of Florida. I was born and raised in Wisconsin but have been blessed through my career to have been able to relocate and reside in a handful of locations within Texas as well as New Mexico and have had the privilege to visit many other states during my travels picking up a number of lifelong acquaintances along the way. I dabble in yoga, day-drinking, and being the sound of reason sprinkled with heavy sarcasm while hitting the panic button.