At the Risk of Being Canceled

Throughout most of my life I’ve been asked what my thoughts are on various topics from the personal situations of close friends to the most current events in politics. I’ve always had the acute awareness to tread lightly and to be as “politically correct” as possible. With the current climate of things, instead of that, I have been choosing to be silent. To only speak my peace to my inner circle and even then there has been the fear factor that perhaps I shouldn’t say too much because I could damage a friendship in the process of releasing my thoughts.

What kind of world have we created where every move is so critical and alternate opinions can result in being “canceled” as if that is even a real thing? You can cancel your subscription. You can cancel an order but you cannot cancel a person. You can be as salty as you want to be with that but if something is truly canceled that means it is ended – it is no more – and the only thing that cancels a person is death.

Now, with that being said, let these words not inspire someone to go to the next level and make that cancellation a reality. People are going to say things and do things that you may not like. I am going to say some things here in my writing that you may not like but you know what? That’s cool. We do not have to have the same opinions on things but at the end of the day, what is it that we have fought so hard for? The RIGHT to be able to have an opinion.

There IS a Difference

I know there can be a very thin line between what we call freedom of speech and just “talking out the side of one’s neck”. In some regards, yes, I personally feel like there needs to be a filter. There is difference between voicing your opinion and attacking another person, group, or belief system. So many people nowadays are just fighting to fight. 

I’m here for those that want to change things.

I’m here to be a SPARK.

Don’t be Gaylord Focker

In speaking with a few close friends, whose opinions I value and give me food for thought, I will be opening my blog to a handful to write whatever it is that is on their minds and also to tackle some socially touchy subjects. I’d like to invite whomsoever reads this to ask questions, get involved, and if a topic comes to your heart that you would like any of us to explore, then by all means – CHIME IN.

While you’re here, check out Bottom Eye Lash! Its a new blog site from one of the deepest and snarkiest friends in my inner circle. ENJOY!

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