Crime Junkie…It Would Be Criminal NOT to Listen!

Crime Junkie

Crime Junkie…It Would Be Criminal NOT to Listen!

For the last few months I have been hopelessly addicted to the true crime podcast Crime Junkie! I have an extremely long ride to and from work during the week which is the perfect time for me to tune in to each episode – and there are a LOT of them! Crime Junkie Podcast has been running for a few years so if you’re like me and late to the party you get the fortunate treat of not having to standby for another installment. I toggle back and forth between new episodes which are released every Monday and a catalogue from prior seasons.

Meet the Hostesses!

Crime Junkie Podcast is hosted by two best friends, Ashley and Brit. Ashley currently works with Crime Stoppers and Brit formerly worked for a private investigator. The team does a lot of research and investigation into every case that they come across and vet things thoroughly before they bring us one of their stirring episodes. If you’re a super enthusiast – as obsessed as I am I am yet to do this but it’s an option which is awesome – you can join their online fan club, tune in to the regular episodes, bonus episodes, and skim through some of the data, media and photos that they have been able to obtain through their investigations. What would be better than skimming through or listening in and being able to assist in solving a cold case? You never know what you may know!

Brit Age & Ashley Flowers of Crime Junkie Podcast

In Case It’s A Little Much

If the crime gets too gruesome, worry not! Much like when you’ve had an overload of scary movies and you have to detox via a huge session of cartoons to bid the bad spirits away, at the end of a lot of the Crime Junkie episodes they feature what they call a “pruppet” story. It’s a touching short story about a selected puppy, usually a rescue pup, that is either looking for a forever home or has already been adopted into a loving family. Beware, the girls get super emotional over these puppy tails. I cry at commercials (secretly) but puppy stories? Nope, not my thing. They’re cute but no tears here! You? Maybe…

Check out Crime Junkie ASAP! I’ve been deep into true crime shows since the ORIGINAL Unsolved Mysteries. This show is it!

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