I Stand For You.

I Stand For You.

You hang you head down when you enter the room. You lace your fingers together. You ask for permission before you speak without uttering a word. All of these things I have noticed since the day that we met. I tell you to hold your head up with pride. Push back your shoulders and stand firmly. Speak loudly. Be free. In the beginning this will be difficult for you but until you can do it on your own – I will stand for you.

No, I have not been there in the sense that I’ve felt the crushing blows. Where I’ve had to fight back physically just to survive. I have, however, been broken down so thoroughly that my only communication with the outside world was a meek hello. I’ve sat in the backdrop, eye candy, and held my peace to keep the peace. I understand how that part feels. That once you are outside of the presence of your abuser you are so conditioned that you stay in character because you don’t know another way to function. Baby girl, I stand for you.

Rely on your relationships within your sisterhood. You ARE supported.

There is a way out and it is undoubtedly hard but you are supported. You are loved. The most dangerous time for you will be during the breakup. This person cannot fathom that you can exist without them and so they may be the type to say that you will not continue without them. Be strong. If you have to set up barriers start now. You will have to set boundaries. Start it now.

I am the daughter that watched. I am the daughter that cried. I am the daughter that picked up the bat and said no more. For your daughter, before she has to swing away, I will stand for you until you stand on your own.

You are beautiful beyond measure both inside and out. You are worthy of MAGNIFICENT love. You are the vessel through which life is created. Life flows through you. No longer allow your light to be dimmed by darkness. I will take your hand, I will lift you up, and when you are able to stand on your own stand for those behind you.





  • Nadia Mehu
    Posted at 17:32h, 20 November Reply

    Very inspirational!!

  • RaeOvSun
    Posted at 16:03h, 21 November Reply

    Thanks for reading and I hope it inspires others to move forward from their domestic struggles. #SUPPORT

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