Is it Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

One of the most rewarding things for me within my career has been the opportunity to travel throughout the country and to forge lifelong bonds and relationships with the people that I’ve encountered. One of the first travel assignments that I had in my career was in Georgia. While there I met a young lady that exuded so much positivity and excitement that left a lasting impression on me. Gabi knew where I wanted to go and she was going to “speak it into existence”.

Not too long after this instant connection she and I fell out of touch but that memory always lingered. We touched base here and there in our career and at some point she became a trainer to our soon-to-be shared best friend, Toni. A loooooong story later Gabi, Toni & I have come to be an everlasting sisterhood.


All of that said to say (I’m a little long-winded today so bear with me!), I had the privilege to be able to reconnect with my sisters as a group in Rhode Island. My trip to Philadelphia would have been the first time that I had seen Gabi after this and the first time we had actually been able to hang out together solo. All of our in person sessions in the past few years had been she and Toni or Toni and I but never all of us together or just Gabi and I. I was excited for the new experience!

This lady right here? I love her to life! You know how you meet someone and no matter how much time has passed in between you just come back together like the last time you saw one another was the day before? That’s my relationship with Gabi. 

Welcome to Gotham

When I tell you that Philadelphia will leave a mark on you, I’m telling you this with MAH CHESS! Philadelphia is a different experience and one that I recommend to everyone. Will I ever live there? No…but let me tell you why.

I land in the great Philadelphia, PA. I’m giddy as all get out singing, West Philadelphia born and raised… I am GEEKED! I quickly get myself situated at my hotel and turn on the news and instantly all I see is crime after crime (if you sang that in your head like Cyndi Lauper, congratulations, you suffer from a genetic mutation called HILARITY). Never have I EVER heard any television broadcaster say these words:

…In our GODFORSAKEN city!

LIVE Stream of Gotham City

…Am…am I in GOTHAM?

Direct quote. Yes, I said this aloud.

What does one do in this situation other than clutch their pearls? I now understand Slap Gate. I understand it with all of my heart…

All jokes aside though – that news reporter’s quote was FACT though – my Philly Filly took me out to see the city with a new lens. The portions I had seen on my own were a little sketch. Gabi, whom is a local, showed me there was much more to it.

We enjoyed a beautiful brunch at Louie-Louie downtown. We MUST do that again! I am absolutely obsessed with their venue.

An absolute requirement was for us to stop at the 72-stone step entrance to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, also known as the Rocky Steps, so that I could take pictures for mi amor. Yes, we did it! Yes, there is a video. It is hilarious but you can just enjoy the photo gallery below:

What’s ahead?

If there is one thing that Gabi and I are going to do its motivate one another. From this trip, we are planning our next steps for our forever plans. Once I get to a good point within the new role I am going to begin classes to expand my life coaching skill set. She will be completing her CQIA course for auditing and putting out applications. Our clique is doing big things and we want to continue the momentum!

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