Boundary by Paul W. Feenstra

  -  Boundary by Paul W. Feenstra

Boundary follows the fictional lives of characters Andrew and Eleanor, indentured servants, set against the backdrop of the colonization of New Zealand. The details that the author has injected into this work of fiction are astounding. Historically accurate and engaging, Boundary, is expertly written and engaging.

I am not a reader of historical fiction so I felt that it was important to do a bit of research into the subject before I dived in. I was pleasantly surprised to see the depiction of real historical figures, events, etc. This made the story even more engaging to me as a reader.

Feenstra expertly weaves his tale of greed and deceit not only of the Maori people but also of the settlers that were basically swindled by the New Zealand Company with the dream of free passage to a new life that really did not exist. The measures in which people will take in order to procure finances, land, and prestige are limitless.

As I read this book I couldn’t help but to see this as a potential feature film. It was rich in its imagery, tone, and accurate historical depictions. I look forward to future releases by this author!

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