Follow You Home by Mark Edwards

  -  Follow You Home by Mark Edwards

I am a writer of romance but I love thrillers. This book had me engaged from the very first page! I felt like I was on that train traveling with the two couples and being booted off into the middle of nowhere in Romania. The imagery that the author created was perfect. I was just as much aggravated by the leading man as the leading lady was just wanting him to stand up and take charge and not be so afraid of everything until it was time to be afraid. Then I was just willing her to sit down and take heed because his fears were legitimate and they should have just turned back.

So many times I thought, okay, this is it. We’re going to get the whole story. Instead the author would give you just a little bit more, a little glimpse into what had happened in that house in the woods, and then BOOM snatch it back away from you. At some point you begin to wonder, do I really want to know what they saw? Will whatever they discovered follow me back home?

I could not put this down. It was so engaging and then the ending just turned it all right on its head. I had to sit back and say well I’ll be damned. I misjudged this guy the whole time and he was a better person than she was. I highly recommend this to other readers. You will not be disappointed.