Main Street by Dianna Wilkes

  -  Main Street by Dianna Wilkes

Main Street by Dianna Wilkes, which is the first installment in the Providence Island Series, is a solid romantic mystery. This story follows the life of Dana Canfield, a widowed designer, who is on a quest to rebuild her shattered life and excel in a new venture heading a project to renovate Main Street in Providence Island and escape her past. There is also the extra tidbit of the mysterious disappearance of her son. Where is he? Why has he disappeared? Why did he not return home even for his own father’s funeral?

When Dana relocates to Providence Island (or PI as she and the locals affectionately call it) she is trying to leave all of these things behind. New house. New project. New life and low and behold a possible new romance with the very attractive Nick Warden whom is a cop turned local garage owner. As all of these new things are coming together it appears that an ominous threat is rearing its ugly head. Are these random occurrences or is there a connection to her past?

Main Street and it’s characters are beautifully written. The detail, the description, the visualization is solid and you, as a reader, can see everything that is being expressed. You will have unanswered questions but remind yourself that this is only the beginning. This is a series so there has to be that lingering question of what is next?

If romantic mysteries are your thing then Main Street is what you need!

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