Single Dad’s Fake Fiance by Imani King

  -  Single Dad’s Fake Fiance by Imani King

I have heard the name Imani King several times in the past but I had never actually picked up one of her books. While on a recent work trip I decided to give this author a shot especially with this tantalizing cover. I mean, seriously, this begs a read from the outside looking in, doesn’t it? Scrumptious! It isn’t my normal type of reading but I decided to expand my horizons as I’m usually into really dark pieces that’ll leave you up at night with all of the lights on after reading.

Let me begin with this, I do really enjoy King’s writing voice. She draws you in right away and you’ll be flipping the pages to see what happens next. The downside (and this could be for this particular novel so do not misquote me as this is the only that I have read from the author) is that this was just too fast paced. It jumps in far too quickly for my tastes and the characters are falling in and making love seconds after learning one another’s names. I, as a the reader, do not feel like I know them and they damn for sure do not know each other.

Another downside for me was that the further into the novel that I progressed the more spelling errors that I detected. As a writer myself it appeared to me that King started off with the time to get this piece started well and then life happened and she just had to get it done. I won’t throw in any spoilers but it seemed to me like there was a good plot building and then it just got all kinds of crazy out of nowhere.

I liked the characters in this piece but we only scratch the surface of who they are. I was also very confused with “Part 2” being a completely unrelated story and perhaps Destiny and her beau appear in the second piece but it wasn’t about them so at that point I flipped off my ipad. From other reviews I see that Destiny was mentioned in a prior novel and there is a series on The Corbetts. Other than getting me all hot and bothered though from the kink – which was definitely well written – I cannot say that it’d leave me with any lasting impressions other than the spice.

I can go for another novel from Imani because, as previously stated, she’s got  lot of voice. She is definitely very entertaining. I am more curious to see if there is more investment in her other pieces.

I give Single Dad’s Fake Fiance 3-RaesOvSun.

You will be entertained…but you will have shifty-eyed questions.

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