The Best Dark Rain by Marco Etheridge

  -  The Best Dark Rain by Marco Etheridge

The Best Dark Rain by Marco Etheridge was a very engaging tale right from the beginning. We are thrust into a post-apocalyptic world via the story’s heroine Liz and her working through the frustration of deceit by her beau, Pat. He has lied to her about something and it is plaguing her as she walks the desolate streets. Though she believes herself to be aware of her surroundings she is being stalked, hunted, and from that point on the reader is driven head-first into the dangers of this new world and the survivors within it.

One of the many things that I enjoyed about this novel were the different perspectives that it provided. Of course you follow Liz in the beginning but then you have Pat, whom I’d all too easily written off, who was a much more dynamic character than what I expected him to be. In my eyes he was the leading character not just the leading man. It morphed from being a story about his and Liz’s survival to one of allowing another human being into their world and into their hearts and expanding their family against all odds. I found myself, as the reader, having their very same concerns about trust and not allowing others close to them.

As in many of the stories, TV, and films that we see about this type of survivalist world we always want to know HOW they got to this. How did the world as we know it fall apart? I like that it was always theories of the survivors. If the world ever fell apart in this way perhaps that’s really all we would have anyway, facts so diluted with conspiracy theories that we can’t tell fact from fiction.

The Best Dark Rain was definitely a great read and once I finally was able to incorporate the time in my busy schedule I flew right through it in two days. This is highly recommended for those into an action-packed adventure with heart!

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