The Candy Cross by Autumn Arden

  -  The Candy Cross by Autumn Arden

The Candy Cross by author Autumn Arden was a very different read for me. It was definitely not what I had expected it to be as it went in a completely different turn right in the beginning! I made an incorrect assumption that I was getting into some fluff with an attitude but what I got was something entirely different.

The author’s writing voice was very reminiscent of Quentin Tarantino in its edginess which piqued my interest very early on. The story’s characters were gritty and dynamic. You think that you know them at face value but there is more to them than meets the eye. Pinky’s transformation into MJ and even Candy being something altogether out of this world and her plot on revenge was next level.

The only thing that was a drawback for me was the length of the story. I am guilty of being prolific in my writing as well so I understand it but this was a long read. It’s something I would recommend if you have some down time or perhaps over a long weekend. I mentioned Quentin Tarantino but I want to include there’s something also very Stephen King about Arden’s writing. You will enjoy!

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