The Devil Sold Us A Dummy by Stewart Brockenbrough

  -  The Devil Sold Us A Dummy by Stewart Brockenbrough

The Devil Sold Us A Dummy: And We’re Still Trying To Flip It by Stewart Brockenbrough is a thought-provoking view on realizing what in your life is coming from God versus what is coming from the devil. We can easily be lead astray throughout our journey when our focus is not set on God, our shields are not up, and we are lacking in our faith.

This book was a good read. The beginning was a little disjointed but the theme throughout was good and engaging. The author laid out the mindset of kids growing up in the streets and how they see it as a good lifestyle. They are CEOs in a field that is looked down upon. They are selling the wrong product with the skills of someone who should be on Wall Street. The author effectively puts you into their shoes.

Brockenbrough puts a lot of who he is and who he was into this piece which brings a depth to it on a personal level. As you read this you feel that you are having a conversation with him. He is walking you through his experience and mirroring that of those that have been around him or that he has been able to take an objective look at once realizing his place with God. His theme is great but as previously stated the intro is a bit disjointed. As a writer I would come in talking about the conflict, of feeling lost, feeling that you have been taken astray and questioning just WHO are you following down this path?

This was a great conversational piece for the reviewers – an avid reader and a writer.

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