The Long Body That Connects Us All by Rich Marcello

  -  The Long Body That Connects Us All by Rich Marcello

The Long Body That Connects Us All by poet Rich Marcello is an experienceIt is an absolutely beautiful collection of works that flow beautifully together in its three parts. Marcello paints vivid pictures and tones creating imagery that you become engaged in so quickly that you feel part of the glimpses of memory. 

I felt such a calm and deep connection while reading every page. This was definitely an instance in which I felt that this was truly something that I needed to read, I needed to retain, I needed to view at this exact moment in time. It was profound.

I, as the reader, felt like I had just taken part in the entire life experience of a man as if these memories were my own. I connected with wanting to provide all of these cautionary tales to someone younger than myself but then taking a step back and realizing that they would have to learn these things on their own. We all think that we know it all or that we’ve got it all together but there is so much that is just ahead. It’s not our time. It can’t be told.

This was top-notch. Five stars! Get your copy here.