The A24 Project: Indie Love

So, here’s the thing. I spent 98% of my adult life working. I mean nose to the wall working. When I tell you that I’m behind on the times it would definitely not be an understatement. Now that I am in a position to maintain a healthy work/life balance, however, I have taken the time to play catch up.

My 1st question when asked to watch a movie…

Some many moons ago I fell in love with this film titled The Spectacular Now. I mean, it super moved me at the time. If you’ve never seen this I definitely recommend it. I ended up over the years coming across some pretty dope independent films and at some point stumbled into the realization that the vast majority were attributed to A24 Films.

Heavy, weird, provocative…doesn’t bother me. I’ll watch.

Instantly I wanted to see what other films this company had produced. From rich human films to horror films reminiscent of Hitchcock, mind-bending and provoking, they had it all. For this reason I decided to begin what I deemed “The A24 Project”. It is essentially me going in with a few (or a bunch) of friends to watch their films and hopefully open up some conversations.

Below is a list of A24 films that I have watched or plan on viewing. The bolded items are on my To-Watch list. The other films listed I have already seen.

Feel free to take this little A24 films “challenge” with me! Let me know which films you’ve seen or are adding to your list to watch!

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